The Management

Frank Baurmann has been in top management in the IT industry for over 20 years, his focus being distribution, marketing and strategic planning. He has extensive knowledge of this rapidly changing market. He was a member of management at the American network suppliers Cabletron Systems and Enterasys Networks. In the 1990s he was in charge of developing business in Germany via direct and indirect distribution systems. In 1999, he was appointed Managing Director at Cabletron Central and Eastern Europe. In this position he was responsible for the spin-off of Cabletron into four independent businesses. In 2000, he was appointed Managing Director and Vice President Enterasays Networks Central and Eastern Europe. In 2006, he led the IT-structure supplier American Power Conversation (APC) to a new business model. In 2007 and 2008, as Vice President Sales & Marketing, he accounted for the corporate re-alignment of NextiraOne in Germany.

“Bounding JAYDEE to me is the logical consequence of my experience over the past years. Not only do the demands companies need to meet change with the market. Strategic changes, new management and new tools also affect a company’s requirements internally as well as externally. Management is challenged daily to maintain growth and stability, even in times of crisis. The courageous often prove to be the most successful managers. An objective, critical examination of all business areas is the first step to a successful future.“

Kai Portmann has been in management positions in sales and marketing for over 14 years, his focus being Change Management, Business Development and Market Engagement. With Xerox he was part of the First Line Management team for Germany, later moving to the Xerox Headquarter in Rochester, NY. Amongst other things Kai Portmann was in charge of the worldwide launch of a new generation of Production Color Systems. In August 2000 he became Managing Director of PGI Gesellschaft für integrierte Kommunikation, Stuttgart, establishing the German consultancy business for the American PGI Group, with clients such as EDS, DaimlerChrysler and Voith. In 2002, he founded the management consultancy ICP offering high quality consultancy services with a special focus on sales and marketing. ICP’s services nationally and internationally include: Interim management in the areas of sales and marketing, change management, project management, strategic planning, organisational advice, productivity enhancement, training and coaching.

“Too many consulting projects are carried out with too little thought going into the client’s individual requirements. This is satisfactory to neither party and does not produce the required results. At JAYDEE we are not interested in standard solutions. All we care about is the individual objective. Our experience as successful managers and consultants has led us to developing a different approach. We find new ways to collaborate with our customers. Great results are perceived as joint success by everyone involved. When you accept as equally important the positioning, processes and culture of the organisation, you enhance sustained efficiency throughout the whole company.“

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